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Healthy Educative Competition

A long time ago I listened to a message that was on the awares to me to a subject that I was not facing well in the education of my children. One was a very interesting conversation between two shepherds on the education of the children and about how nowadays one is to give an education in which nobody can feel reduced. Any instance that allows that a boy stands out against the others is calmed or disguised somehow so that the others do not feel like inferiors or repressed. Although this one attitude seemed to be right and tolerant, it does not have the wished effect to leave all happy ones. Very on the contrary, it does not allow that each individual develops to its talents and innate abilities that all own to reach their maximum potential. Without giving account me, I also had acted of way mistaken with our children. Whenever there was a competition among them or we played a game, he worried to me much that all were happy in the end. He said to them: ” The important thing is not to gain, but to enjoy juego.” In the same way, when one it received a prize by its profits, I I tried like mother to give something to the other children who had not received anything.

Without knowing it, it was acting against the principles of the healthy educative competition. It is important that our children know to live according to these principles, while more early, better. Why? 1. First of all, because the life is thus. The one that strives, stands out and it gains the rewards by his effort.

When they are adult nobody is going to be worried to give a prize them of pity to that one that did not strive. And if You instill that mentality in your children, it is probable that they are transformed into people who constantly demand their rights without moving no finger to leave ahead! 2. and secondly much more important still the healthy competition is a powerful stimulus so that they develop to their abilities and innate talents. If You as father you support its children in competition activities, will be able to teach the numerous most valuable lessons to them of the real life: A. Discovers your talents and desarrllalos to maximum. God gave that strength you so that you can leave ahead in the life! B. Discovers your weak areas and you are not troubled yourself by not being good in something. All we have strongpoints and weak points. It is not necessary to try to be an apple when one is pear. C. In spite of your efforts, you are going to commit errors and for that reason not always everything is going to come out well. The errors are not failures, are steps towards the success.

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