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The question is whether to use one thermostat to control two or more heating systems “warm floor” in different rooms? Not recommended, because loss of heat in different rooms is different, and the temperature sensor thermostat can only be in one room. For example, a heating system installed in the kitchen and bathroom. Cables are connected in parallel to one thermostat, the sensor is placed in the kitchen. The thermostat maintains the set temperature with all the proceeds of heat from sunlight, appliances, hot water and heat from the people. Temperature conditions favorable for kitchen, in which case it may be just a cold bath, or vice versa. 13.Kakovy benefits of electric heating system with water heated before sex? Electronic thermostats in the rooms, control heating cable in accordance with the set temperature and air of sex, automatically keeping it up to 0.4 C, programmable thermostats can maintain a preset temperature in your room in According to the program for the week, the cost of cabling is much lower, its installation requires much less labor and time, there is no need to maintain the system throughout the entire life cycle, For example, for heating with radiators and pipes in the floor for the cottages will need to use antifreeze instead of water, or freezing in winter may occur of (prolonged absence of owners) and the floor will be damaged during the expansion of water, the need for under-floor apartment in the entire liner of hot water entail additional costs for construction and reducing the height of the premises by 7 cm, which increases load on the floor decks. And in the case of electric floor at 3-4 cm in the case of remote areas of the riser with hot water costs for the laying of communications and additional pump (blower pressure) will be significantly higher than that when you install an electric floor, which is enough for only 220 volts (no need to strike a special panel on electricity because the power system, on average, 120 watts / sq. 14.Vozmozhno whether install the system “warm floor” on their own without the involvement of specialists? Can.

But be aware that installation of the system affects its performance, in spite of apparent simplicity, at this point. Therefore, you should carry out this work to professionals. 15.V what premises can install the electrical system of floor heating? Living rooms, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, swimming pools, outbuildings, conservatories, garages, terraces, attic. 16.How are the advantages of the processor temperature controllers (programmable) thermostats before without a processor (not programmed)? Temperature controllers (thermostats) are designed for thermal management processes of different areas. The main advantage of programmable thermostats – it’s an opportunity to ask the temperature in the long term (one week). The system will automatically lower the temperature by 5 C at night or reduce it to a minimum during daytime hours on weekdays, when the masters at work, reaching the set temperature immediately when he arrives.

This can significantly reduce power consumption. 17.Kakie still exist Cable heating systems and where they are used? System ‘roof without icicles’; system “defrost stairs and steps”; system “” to prevent freezing of pipes. ” 18.Srok service cable heating system sex? The service life of cable systems floor heating is the same as the service building, where is the room heated. Approximate duration of 70 years. Here you can calculate the floor heating.

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