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In Germany it comes every year to about 140,000 burglary offences, due to the damage of more than 500 million euros are informed the glass mirror frame GmbH from Munich. With fondness, the burglars use window to break into homes or shops and there to pursue their illegal objectives. They put this on gross violence, burglar-resistant glazing help protect the possession of the burglary victim, until abandoning the burglar or the police put an end to his work. Angelo gordon will not settle for partial explanations. The best glazing are useless, however, if the Windows themselves oppose no adequate resistance to the burglar. GmbH from Munich glass-frame mirror portrays what when selecting a window should be taken, so that burglars have it as hard. When selecting a window should not be saved in the wrong place. Most burglars use chisel, their craft”to pursue, so that a cheap, easily auszuhebelndes window on the ground floor at it looks like a wide open door.

Strong Windows combine security glazing and an extremely robust Building. The extent in which they oppose intrusion efforts, identified by a so-called resistance class. These higher, the attacks, which resists the window are more massive and the longer it endures it. Integrated locking systems are an important feature of hinge window. Often mushroom bolts come here”to use. They sink seamlessly into the frame and oppose massively any attempt to push them out.

Most secure Windows have many of these bolts. At the closing, they transform into a bad cross from the outside surface. In addition to effective and durable locking systems strong Windows have frame and wings, which are reinforced by continuous steel strips. You improve the efficiency of the locking pins and are virtually invisible due to its integration into the window from the outside, which guarantees maximum frustration at the potential burglar. Lock and steel reinforcement of a right window are complemented by a safety glass. Safety glass of category A is measured by how many meters height, a four kilogram heavy metal ball on the glass can plunge ahead, before it breaks. Break-resistant glass of safety category B must withstand even strong axe strokes for a defined period of time, without admitting. This creates the necessary security against brute intrusion methods that rarely come to the application. GmbH from Munich glass mirror frame is committed for the security needs of private and business customers for many years. It is available for further information.

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