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Florida Real Estate

Hundt Term

How can an expert or a broker in the public occur? The designation as an expert”is regularly prohibited when a real estate broker. Although the term of the expert is not particularly protected in law is the use of the term to deceive the consumer in the business because he sees a specially trained, independent, not interest representative person of trust under the term of the expert. The term of the expert can be used together with the concept of the broker. So the realtor can spend, even if he meets the requirements of an expert, no card, where he himself represents as agents and at the same time as an expert. Case law here rightly noted that these professions are inherently different. This applies in particular for training, vocational skills certificates and exams, but also for the specific characteristics of the activity, the the professions intrinsic interests or Neutrality and the differently weighted pursuit of profit. These professions of the experts and the broker do not match so, but they contradict them in the stated way, so they can be not related, because this consumer will be deceived. In the profession of real estate agent who is shown on the letterhead or business card, the right not in the profession of estate agent Essentials of the profession of an expert would suggests and thus a false image of his contracting partner gives the consumer, what should be prevented by the law for the protection of competition.

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