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Schemes of commercial mortgage Thus, the current legislation regarding the mortgage business is not completely. It determines the possible schemes for mortgage lending for the entrepreneur. According to the law "On mortgage" for commercial real estate, in contrast to the premises, provided an entirely different mechanism registration and registration of collateral. Therefore, the market has developed several ways of carrying out such transactions, which they can within the law. Scheme I The conclusion of the contract of sale. The seller receives some of its own funds from the buyer and the bank guarantee.

Then there is a registration of ownership to the new buyer. Further, registration of a collateral agreement, after which the issue of credit and final settlement. This circuit is the called the most complex and lengthy. Scheme II The buyer pays for a preliminary contract to the owner (seller) of its own funds, and the seller receives from the bank obligation to pay the shortfall in case of registration of mortgage. Followed by registration of a pledge to the bank and preparation of all documents for transfer of ownership the new owner, that is, the buyer (Contract of sale), after which the seller receives the full amount, and the registration goes on.

Scheme III Realtors latest scheme is called 'redemption of the legal entity. " Created company, which is made property (legal entity). Subsequently, the borrower buys the shares of the company paying the loan. In this case, this company issued property. Leasing – an alternative to commercial mortgages According experts, a good alternative to the imperfect yet commercial mortgages can be the leasing of commercial real estate. In this case, leasing organization – an analogue of the cooperative – gives credit for the purchase of the object real estate and is the owner of this object as long as the loan is repaid. One of the advantages of leasing is that its mechanisms are clearly defined in legislation. On the other hand, in case of bankruptcy of leasing organizing all of its assets may depart for the debts of third parties, such as a bank. In any case, the risk is inevitable. Banking experts advise entrepreneurs themselves to influence credit terms. According to the majority experts, the most acute problems hampering the development of commercial mortgages, a low culture of financing small businesses. Mortgages will become reality when a small business 'lighten up'. The lower the tax culture of small business, the worse the conditions of the mortgage loan to him the same – this is the conclusion of real market participants' business mortgage.

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