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Secondly, it is necessary that the invention reflects an inventive height. In addition the newness must be applicable in any type of industry. We in this way hope to be able to clarify the main fields of the Intellectual and Industrial Property. Published by Article sent by the office: LOPEZ GIMNEZ TOWERS three-dimensional or a combination of both. With the registry of an industrial design the holder obtains the right to use it exclusively and to prevent the reproduction or nonauthorized imitation that guarantees the protection of the value of the design. As it happens in the field of the marks, the designs will be able to be protected with a territoriality: national, communitarian international. In relation to the benefits, the designs can increase the value of a product and fortifies the position competitive of the companies in the market.

According to it, a design can contribute to the main reason for purchase of the product The first type is denominativas marks (that are based on one or diverse words). The second type refers graphical marks (that are composed by drawings, figures or logos). The third type of mixed marks is a combination of words and designs, drawings or logos. The last recognized type is three-dimensional marks (that refer to bodies represented in three dimensions).

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