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London and Hong Kong are the most expensive office locations which world is Germany in the commercial real estate without Zweiel an expensive place, but even looking beyond the borders of our Republic. Only one German city among the 50 determined top sites appears an analysis which was carried out by the real estate consulting firm CB Richard Ellis. Frankfurt am Main ranked 22nd place, which is something about the upper midfield. Where can I find the most expensive offices of the world now? Is London (West end) with 1,550 euro rent per square metre per year. Rent per square meter and year follows the central business district in Hong Kong on second place with approximately 1,300 euros. Third place occupies the’s financial district of Jianguomen in Beijing. An Office there costs around 1,000 euros per year per square meter.

Following the financial district on the exclusive rue du Rhone in Geneva on the fourth place with approximately 935 euro. General million make up always the first places among cities. What is striking is that the emerging-market cities particularly dominate the ranking. Commercial real estate are for Investors interesting: after the boom years in the housing market, interest shifted currently out to industrial property objects. Strong Internet trading is to blame for this. Huge warehouses and distribution centres, where the goods ordered over the Internet are packaged and shipped, are the return on most real estate of the future. However requires that the building high-quality equipped and are in good condition. In the next two years is expected in Europe with an increase of the investments to around 190 billion dollars to 160 billion in 2012.

Flexible Office solutions by coworking spaces: a flexible Office solution such as, for example, the “Coworking space” companies have the possibility of a space to buffer, without stopping even sufficient land. Smaller startups, freelancers, creative etc working otherwise independently in different companies or due to different projects, do this together in large spaces and can from one another benefit. Often, these coworking spaces form a creative breeding ground for new ideas. Coworking spaces to provide jobs and infrastructure (telephone, video projector, network, printer, scanner, fax, meeting rooms) for example, days, weekly, or monthly basis. Also the coworker itself feels more productive and motivated and has an improved interaction with other people. This form of work is not confined to large cities, even if in the United States with 781 coworking spaces most have settled. Now offers also arise in many smaller urban areas with a population of young and creative, as well as in university towns Coworking. Greifswald (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) is to be mentioned here as an example.

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