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Italian Interior Design

What we know about the Italian interior and how to transform with the help of a home? Italian interior design, whether it's cutting edge, avant-garde, traditional – explains the devotion to the residents of Italy to good things. Any of these trends in style formed at some contrast. By the way, mixing all these directions, you can get a unique. Balancing the different elements of interior design – this is the main activity of the designer (under interior elements mean: lighting fixtures, decorative objects, furniture, household appliances). Such, these elements are linked together in a flat distribution, materials, and consonant combination of tones, volumes. Execution of the necessary proportions – here's what this case is very important. Wide space and high ceiling and large ceiling is a feeling of openness, is paramount for the style of the plan. It turns out, the design is not necessary excessive load chairs and tables and 'disparate' parts.

Do not forget about lighting design. Most free room in the house leaves room. In such a place gather family and guests. To date for the creation of living need to combine some rooms. At the same time, such is not forbidden to use Hall as a dining room. However, the dining-room is important for the family. When you make a room do not forget about the Italian chandelier – with proper location and selection, the chandelier might otherwise reflect the central place in the house, build it unique, different from the others. I recommend the entire design flat made with lighting.

Decorating the bathroom, give her special attention. The Italian style is usually done richly decorated walls and floors in the bathroom. Significantly, that now the Italian style can afford, in my opinion, almost everyone. At the present time is a huge diverse range of design elements in this style to 'every purse. " Try to make your dreams a reality, more confident Be creative – create your own apartment in a really comfortable and do not forget about the right light – this style is especially important.

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