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In their mind, the villa was the type of home, with one or more floors, a large plot, for the estate workers (slaves, maids), stables for animals. These estates were visited periodically and used as holiday homes for vacation. Today, the villa is not much changed its meaning. In Italy, they are used as holiday homes on the outskirts of the city or in the elite areas of the village. North Cyprus villa or a single house or a house for two families. In the latter case, each family has its own private entrance and garden. Pool, usually communal.

Describe the design of villas in North Cyprus, is practically impossible, because, during construction, the owner based on your own taste and preferences. But what distinguishes an ordinary house from the villa? This large and spacious rooms designed for maximum comfort of the owner, fireplace, spacious terraces and balconies, swimming pool, landscaped garden, barbecue, garage, very often, a cottage for guests. Land villa is surrounded by a stone wall for complete privacy. Townhouses: Townhouses first appeared in late nineteenth-early XX century in the UK. They opened one of the most currently popular type of housing, which by the beginning of the XXI century was, built up the whole of Europe and much of North America.

Today townhouses "accommodate" 20% of European population. These homes have retained their original English name (town – city, house – the house). Townhouse is a combination of urban apartments and suburban homes – city apartment house, where every apartment has a separate street entrance. Today, this multi-type housing can be found in city centers, and in the suburbs and in inner suburbs, and far, far outside the city. Townhouse – detached house with its own plot of land, albeit small, but give birth illusion of home garden, where You can create a landscape design for your own taste.

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