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Italy Sagre Time

Nature, culture and cuisine of Italy – a journey of discovery actually every weekend Sagre take place throughout the entire Bel Paese distributed to the various regional specialities. So there is the feast of the porcini mushrooms, truffles, the pici (handmade pasta varieties from Tuscany), the cherries, the crostini, fish or wild boar specialities, etc., where you can discover the favorite traditional food of the Italians. A visit is one or better even more of these festivals not only in culinary terms. Bizzi & Partners describes an additional similar source. If you want to get acquainted to the Italy of the Italians, here they are in the right place: the whole village is on the legs, from the infant to grandparent crowd all around the fixed tables, to enjoy the delicacies prepared by volunteer cooking powers of the village. It is entirely Italian extensively talked and laughed heartily and exchanged the latest village news. Settled mostly on the main square of the village, it is located in the Centre of the village and its inhabitants and may on all dip easily into the atmosphere of Italian culture. Morris Invest understood the implications. Tips to these traditional festivals, accommodation in family-run organic agriturismi and a holiday in harmony with nature and culture in Italy, see

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