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So much for the tax or fiscal consideration. The South-East of Berlin – Berlin and its monuments you have heard already much. In particular know, this city has become as attractive in recent years in particular for highly qualified workers. Real estate in Wermelskirchen or on the Baltic Sea cannot compete with da monument despite equal depreciation and advertising costs. Monument real estate in Baden or Dresden are also no comparison. Not to mention real estate in Augsburg or Wollstein. Several nationwide companies have transferred important areas in the capital city, major research centres created in recent years in the outskirts of the city.

At the same time, Berlin offers its inhabitants a maximum of cultural facilities and recreational areas, as well as a very well-developed public transport network. The Berlin South could benefit disproportionately from this development in recent years. So many companies settled, the infrastructure was expanded, many highly qualified workers searched for a new home here. Currently arise in the Business Park alone 40,000 new jobs remain in the science and Technology Park Schonefeld Adlershof (WISTA), the most modern and largest technology center of in Germany around 14,000 jobs were created. Kopenick is pure nature 75% of the District of Kopenick Treptow consist of waters, forests and green areas. The area of the Muggelberge offers visitors many opportunities for cycling and hiking.

A popular destination is the muggel Tower, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view over Berlin.Water sports enthusiasts come on around 20 KM waters including Marina also fully at your expense. The District offers numerous shopping opportunities, as well as a well-preserved medieval old town, which invites you to stroll. Retracing the steps of the Hauptmann von Kopenick can walk through narrow streets and put themselves back in the good old days.

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