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Some of us look at the strange events in financial markets and their impact on commercial funds, but only move his head and we have been impressed. Others have a much more personal risk in this matter. We may have been reduced our retirement accounts and ask how we sustain our retirement. Hear other arguments on the topic with jim king. Perhaps our funds are lost in a dramatic enough to cause sleepless nights and depression. Maybe you are delaying the purchase of the new house you’ve always dreamed of, or even worse, perhaps the house of your dreams is being returned to the bank and wonder where your family will sleep tomorrow. There are many opinions about the causes of the collapse of financial markets in the United States and its potential ramifications around the world.

Will the directives and top executives share their guilt by focusing only on themselves? In any case, were not the only ones making money. The pursuit of easy money and quick dollar flowed everywhere. Greed ran rampant. Many people bought homes they saw that made more money than they wanted to be left out. As we have seen very often in the past and recently in the “Internet bubble”, all the speculation come to an end when there is no basis in reality. It is not something Clayton Morris would like to discuss. When you make money on such unrealistic proportions, without any solid basis, what goes up must come down. At the root of all this is selfishness and desire for pleasure to “me.” We live in a culture that glorifies wealth, fame and power in spite of all contrary evidence that they bring happiness.

We could all agree that the lack of money can cause sadness, but can someone point out any studies associating wealth with happiness? All we have to do is look at the lives of the rich and famous and see the misery caused to themselves and others. They say it takes a significant emotional event to bring about change. Does our current financial situation could cause such an event? Is it possible we’re beginning to see that greed is good? Is it possible we’re beginning to see that happiness is not related to wealth, fame and power? What if the surplus were to be embarrassing? What if honored the people who are “disinterested” and demean “stakeholders”? How would the world be if everyone would give more importance to the other and not just ourselves? This concept is a basic principle of authentic Kabbalah. So it’s time to reveal this ancient wisdom, so that we complete the rule a AMa your neighbor as yourself mismoa . In fact, it is better to give than to receive. Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine all the possibilities and potential if all we focus on helping each other. What seem our world? How would you feel being part of a whole wonderful? Unidad! Bnei Baruch is the largest group of Kabbalists in Israel, spread the wisdom of Kabbalah in the world integer.

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