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Kopli Bay Architecture

Around Kopli Bay are many great architectural works. The tall, slender needle capped with a copper hood located at the top of the building was used by the KGB as an antenna for transmission. Now, it is a balcony with a great view. The Loosi Plats or Castle Square is the center of Toompea, the upper area of the city, and has been the seat of power in the country for centuries. In its heyday, as only vestiges remain today, there were two walls, three towers and the Pikk Hermann. The square is dominated by the image of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, built in 1900 by the Russian authorities.

Also part of the square is the church Toom Kirik and the Parliament Building. Kadriorg Palace, east of the old city, was built in 1718 by Peter the Great. The magnificent gardens are now a park, enjoyed by locals and tourists for its beautiful floral designs. The ruins of this ancient monastery, built in 1407, is one of the most beautiful places in Tallinn. The convent was in ruins after the attacks of Ivan the Terrible, and now is being restored. The building next door, which serves as housing for the nuns of the convent, was awarded several architectural awards.

Rocca al Mare or Stone in the Sea (English- Rock by the Sea) is a curious collection of old houses and farms typical of Estonia, built on top of a cliff with superb views of Kopli Bay. During the summer mornings, people gather there to see the local dance show.

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