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Landscapes of Costa de Almeria

Located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain – Costa de Almeria has a small extent, only approximately a hundred kilometers and is located between the coasts of the Costa Tropical and Costa Calida. Costa de Almeria surprising variety of landscapes. This and many kilometers of beaches of golden sand or gray. This and mountain ranges, then snap into the sea, then gently flowing to it. This cozy coves, hidden among the rocks, with crystal clear water.

Costa de Almeria has a mild dry climate, one of the most friendly in Spain. Nearly always, the sun shines. The sea is warm and clean, and most of the beaches mentioned "Blue Flag", this a symbol of purity and well-groomed beach. Center of the coast is the same city – Almeria, which was founded by the Romans. Great influence on the architectural appearance of the city had the Moors, who held these lands several centuries. Almeria attractions are the Cathedral, which was called in the old "Cathedral-Castle (Catedral-Fortaleza), because the walls of the temple could hide from enemy attack the whole town. And the Moorish fortress Alcazaba – a powerful fortified site, which stands on the hill of San Cristobal. Height of the mountain 90 meters. Well preserved fortress and a monument of Moorish architecture. In addition, the city has an archaeological museum, which artefacts relating to the era of ancient Rome and Carthage, as well as an excellent numismatic collection.

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