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Lose Weight Forever

The first thing I want to share with you is that I am not coaching, I have a gym, I do fitness, aerobics, nor am master of nothing. Richard LeFrak is open to suggestions. But I am weak … of course, that's my frame, I have never been overweight, but I can give you some recommendations based on my experience with naturism and vegetarianism, as well as the tools they learned to use in my personal growth process. My intention is not to make you become a vegetarian, being a vegetarian is not necessarily synonymous with being thin, I know many vegetarians who are overweight. But I tell you something that is extremely important to be able to achieve your ideal weight: the secret to lower is to have healthy eating habits, among other little thing that we will see.

In the 90s I had a health food store (which is then immediately converted into a vegetarian restaurant), at that time many people came looking for solution to their problem of excess weight, and I tell you something, that is a tremendous business, and the majors medicines and dietary products know that, of course. By Therefore, the more chubby have, the more they win … But why people are fat? Are people born or made fat? It is very difficult to see a fat baby, if there are cases, people born with a pathologic problem. So I think that fat people are due to several factors: hormonal problems, anxiety, fear and excess of food … For many people the problem is not eating and anxiety themselves, live in a vicious circle: they have a problem feel anxiety, eating to satisfy the anxiety … and fat, increased anxiety, and continue to eat well, day after days is the same. What would be the solution for this case? Let's see: the person in question suffers from anxiety because you have a personal problem, either with your partner, economic, family, low self esteem, etc. Now I wonder: where is the anxiety? …

in the minds of those who feel, then we can deduce that the problem of excess weight of this person is not in your stomach, is in his mind, then we have to focus on the treatment / anxiety, but not with chemical drugs, AND YES TO HEALTHY HABITS OF THOUGHTS. We give an example: we imagine that two people facing the same problem, a consequence ansiendad suffers from the problem in question and the other not, which is what causes the difference, the answer is: how each one focus their thoughts. I think in most cases of anxiety arise from thoughts of non-acceptance, which is the same as low self-esteem. If we do work together to change eating habits and improve self-acceptance is possible to eradicate the problem of excess weight permanently.

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