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Love Narcissistic

In his latest book Walter Riso, talks about different emotional styles that lead to have disturbing experiences, in some relationships with your partner. One of these affective forms, as he calls them, refer to the patterns of interaction are set, when one of the members of the couple, it has markedly narcissistic traits. People with narcissistic traits, hardly are involved emotionally with the couple. But apparently, it seems quite the opposite. They are easy to love and be distinguished because they are people very, very, seductive, charming and retailers.

They are generally intuitive and detect what they like your partner and dropped all the weight of its charm. How then, abstain from loving someone so charming or special? However, insofar as the relationship progresses the other part of the couple begins to feel dissatisfaction, since she is not already so dazzled before the narcissistic flashes. At times they blind it and in other cases, nullify it constantly. At the bottom of every person with highly narcissistic traits it exists a strong need for admiration. In addition to behaviors that is used in your ways of being, as they are: the emotional coldness, intolerance to criticism and a great talent for seduction. They are generally oriented towards the outside, keeps a urgency of social status, who have not experienced it, Yes for some reason, their partners, will be a good opportunity to achieve this. According to various authors, such couples, are power, brightness and the other, man-eaters to reconfirm be somebody in their existence.

His reflection on the other has to be crisp and agreement as he or she needed it or wanted. Therefore, they demand be seen, again and again, in the reflection of the longed admiration. In all forms of relationship, but in general, in the most subtle, the narcissist takes precedence. And she embodies, in the vilest of individuals, when for some reason, your partner, you don’t see it in the first place. Within its main features that your partner has to contend, are a feeling of greatness-he is good, she is the best-, an exaggerated egocentrism my things, my interests, not renounce anything-, as well as a total lack of empathy in their relations.

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