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In the island of Majorca great variety of very good rural property at the time of taking a rest can be found, but of the property in Majorca that excel they can find the Ca’ Property; s Sant, Is Marge and Is Tur, since these property in Majorca offer a great variety of services and a so cosy atmosphere that they make of these property in Majorca the best ones to rest in an ideal atmosphere to rest and to stop thinking about any thing and to dedicate itself to enjoy the pleasant moments solely that can be lived in these property in Majorca. In order to begin to speak of each of these 3 huge property in Majorca, the property will occur to step first a Ca’ hotel; s Sant which is characterized to tell on an atmosphere very cried out and calm, with an extension of 30,000 meters squared, of which most is dedicated to the culture of oranges, culture which makes of this one place a site with a very natural touch, in addition has another detail that offers to major beauty him as far as the natural surroundings and is that it counts on a beautiful garden, another one of the aspects to stand out of property hotel, is that it counts on a great ideal swimming pool for the rest; to arrive at this beautiful property hotel is very easy because it is only to 600 M.s of the place of the town of Sller, to 1.5 km of Biniaraix, 3 km of Fornalutx, 3.5 km of the Port and 30 km of the airport of Palm, by its characteristics the property Ca’ hotel; s Sant is one of the best and gustosas property in Majorca. Following with the property in Majorca that are of greater affability by their facilities and their good service, it is the moment for mentioning Are Marge, which is a property composed by 20 hectares of land, it owns a very rural atmosphere, since in this one place much importance occurs him to the agriculture, nevertheless it does not neglect the aesthetic aspects and it is by which the property hotel Is Marge, tends to excel property in Majorca among others, other aspects of great value of this one property hotel is that its surroundings are level and by such aspect is very propitious for the exits in bicycle, in addition in the trips in bicycle they can visit the towns that hotel are around the property, between which can to find Ses Salines and Colony of Sant Jordi, like another component in favor of the property hotel is that at only 4 km it is possible to be arrived at the most beautiful beaches of the island, which are Is Trenc, Sa Rpita and Ses Covetes, within the facilities of the property there is gardens, swimming pool, mini golf, tennis court, all these factors make of the property hotel Are Marge of the best property of Majorca Finally will mention Is Tur, which like the previous property in Majorca that were mentioned enjoy an pleasant rustic atmosphere, to be in a hill it offers a beautiful view of almonds tree, the sea and goatherd island, their rooms are very comfortable and the attention on the part of the personnel is of first warm one, therefore the human heat and the comfortable facilities, are points that do that the property Is Tur is one of the most pleasant property in Majorca.

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