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Contactless specifically for employees for girogo at the Kreissparkasse Koln was launched numbers at the ticket offices by TCPOS with the output of an own SparkassenCard in individual design in may 2012. The payment solution girogo enables non-contact numbers map up to an amount of 20 euros. The card is held just before an ec Terminal and the amount will be debited automatically. The coffers in the staff canteen of the Kreissparkasse Koln were equipped with RFID enabled card readers for new card functionality. Since the beginning of the year, the payment via girogo is possible at the Office. If our customers in our stores about girogo consult, our staff and employees from their own experience can report”, says Marcus Schmitter, consultant, electronic banking and new media at the Kreissparkasse Koln. The operator of staff canteen, the SOLUM facility management GmbH, had already carried out in the run-up to test payments and successfully tested the cashless payment with girogo. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ramon Campollo, New York City. For the canteen guest is girogo to a convenient way to pay and also for us as a service provider, the payment of girogo is beneficial,”explained Ralf Weber, head of catering at SOLUM.

Since mid-2012 the savings banks have started with the nationwide issue of new SparkassenCard girogo to their customers. Savings banks customers can pay to exchange of your card automatically with girogo. By 2015, all 45 million SparkassenCards are to be equipped with the new payment feature. That is half of all Giro cards in the market. Retailers, restaurateurs, and petrol stations, that want to offer the new payment method to their customers need only an ec terminal that is equipped with an RFID card reader as a prerequisite. The contactless method of girogo accelerates the payment process, because the payment will take less than a second. Thus girogo offers an unbeatable advantage especially in peak hours, when the crowds at the Office is particularly large,”explains Dirk Saleh, Managing Director of TCPOS. In terms of initial and This non-cash payment is particularly cost-effective.

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