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Customer pays service where it is more convenient. For it is a guarantee of safety, convenience and quality service. Real estate transaction does not take place minutely. In the sale and purchase of housing there is a "backlash" in two to three weeks. But sold the apartment our client is exempt only if all the documents will be processed on the newly acquired.

When Muscovites come to St. Petersburg for a long time, or St. Petersburg to Moscow, is not always easy to live in hotel. In such cases the Company "MIEL" helps to rent an apartment. It's enough to go to any branch office in Moscow or St.

Petersburg and to conclude a lease agreement. The company "MIEL Real Estate offers new service – conducting remote real estate deals between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The project "Moscow – Peter FM provides an opportunity to use the services of the Company in Ligovsky office in St. Petersburg or departments in mortgage offices in and Krasnoselskaya on Frunze in Moscow for a full range of services in the market of another city. Cause for the emergence of a new format services are client requests the Company. "There are a certain percentage of Petersburgers working in Moscow who are forced to rent an apartment or in some way to solve their housing problem "- commented the director of the Office of the mortgage companies' Miel Real Estate (Moscow) Julia Verbitskaya – "The reverse situation occurs when people are constantly living in Moscow, for there are in St.

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