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The main difference between the "hot scissors" from the ordinary is that they only heat the cutting blade, so that at the time of shearing the hair ends as it were "sealed." It provides mechanisms for normalizing moisture, regenerate and protect hair from external factors. At the end of the traditional hairstyle of hair remains open and under the influence of external factors, due to adverse effects from the outside, lose luster, elasticity and becomes brittle. After a hot hair cut is healthy, strong and elastic, remains a balance of protein, fibrin, amino acids. Haircut "hot scissors" gives amazing results: – your hair is much less are cut after the first procedure, and after 2-3 procedures is not flogged in general – increases the amount of hair and keeps the shape haircut – restores firmness and elasticity of hair – hair get healthy natural shine – you not spend much time and money to buy tools to keep your hair in good condition – hair restores itself by means of active biostimulation. Hot haircut can do for absolutely any hair, as strong and healthy for both prevention and thin and damaged, for medicinal purposes, in order to prevent dryness and brittleness. Hair can be cut with "hot scissors" both before and after dyeing, but for better result, it is advisable to resort to mowing after you dyed your hair to make indoor paint tip. Termostrizhki shows men, women and children with any type and length of hair. Beauty Salons Kirov has become the "hot scissors" and actively use them at work. Ask for "hot scissors" in beauty salons and barber shops in your city. Morris Invest may find this interesting as well. This modern technology is already quite popular, so you really do be able to find hairdresser or private masters who are using hot scissors in their work.

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