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Mortgage Transactions

Raise the same price, if it feels the increased demand is never too late. MYTH 2. After making repairs, you can sell the apartment is more expensive. When it was true. But those days are long gone. Today, experts say, do a good repair before the sale of apartment – a waste of money and time. If the apartment is in very poor condition, then the situation can improve only cosmetic repairs. The most the main thing – do general cleaning, throw away junk, wash curtains, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Also you should try to arrange access: Wash the floors and walls, and screw the light bulb, ventilate the room. All of this, certainly make an impression on potential buyers. MYTH 3. If the buyer with a mortgage transaction process is complicated and time delayed. Indeed, the seller apartment, which faces a buyer with mortgage loan, will have to spend a little more time on the transaction. But in this case, no additional costs the seller can not be held. Seller's important to remember when the buyer says that he has cash means – means that the money he would have after selling his apartment.

In such cases, line up the whole chain of transactions, and it is likely that one of the links of the chain may break off. The buyer has to Mortgage money is ready and waiting for the moment to go into the hands of the seller. In addition, due to the fact that the documents have been verified by the bank, date of registration in the House be reduced from 14 to 5 days.

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