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Economic survey results: MyHammer craftsmen more successful than the industry average peaks at duty and order stock price stability in good order situation increased demand from private clients in Berlin, September 27, 2010 artisans who are active with MyHammer achieve on average better loads, have larger backlogs and show a total content as craftsman compared with the overall industry. This is the result of a recent economic survey of MyHammer, the 934 respondents information granted. “Almost 88 percent of enterprises active with MyHammer and self-employed persons assess their business situation as well” or rewarding “a. This number is approximately 7 percentage points better than in the German industry average (81 percent), the Central Association of the German trade (ZDH) for the second the quarter of 2010 in its economic survey calculated. * especially the larger MyHammer enterprises with 10-249 employees assess the business situation to 67 percent “good”, There are 42 percent for smaller companies (up to 9 employees).

“” Rate on average more than 37 percent of the MyHammer craftsmen with their business situation well “, only 13 percent gave their business situation poorly”. “In the industry as a whole, significantly more craftsmen with their situation were unhappy: 19 per cent of the craftsmen of the ZDH respondents appreciated their business situation over the past 3 months as bad” a. Also in terms of increased revenues the active with MyHammer farms with nearly 45 percent better stand respondents, of which only one-third through increased revenues reported than those of the ZDH. This positive trend also applies to the workload and the backlog: significantly more than half of the active with MyHammer small businesses (2 to 9 employees) works according to the capacity limit of 80 to 100 per cent load, almost 30 percent of the larger MyHammer sign companies from 10 employees even full load. The average order book of all respondents the MyHammer study lies with 7.1 weeks something about which of the ZDH recorded value of 6.9 weeks.

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