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New Governance And Reform Of State

The transition we are living is reflected in the discomfort of the citizens with the political class. The lack of leadership, credibility, wit and spirit of sacrifice does not explain alone the expansion of this feeling. Further details can be found at Meadow Bank Designs, an internet resource. Nor should the training or training of politicians, who have never been to give lectures, but to have common sense and give the necessary impetus to policies democratically established. The truth is that there is a gap between the evolution of societies and systems of government inherited, for some, after the war and, for others, colonialism or the West-Oriente.a confrontation is not so much the level of democracy as interest here, but the necessary adaptation of structures and state media to a new reality. It is a fact that globalization is moving like a ship without rudder, that multinational companies have reached dimensions that exceed the capabilities of many states and capital flows are becoming more elusive and risky.

On the other hand, we affect many of the measures taken in the context of supranational structures (WTO, IMF, BMUE, NATO, Etc.) and of delegates that, however competent they are, they are still vulnerable to the vicious decision-making mechanisms of such organisms. The spread of violence caused by organized groups and even by individual States, drug trafficking and corruption threaten the stability of societies. This struggle takes up a large part of the human and financial resources of governments. There are several, then, the factors leading to the weakening of state power. The same power, in its desire to a modernidada liberalismo and helps to deepen the illness, coming voluntarily to dismantle the classical structures of the State without care of replacing the instruments.

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