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The exhibition from New York comes to Berlin the exhibition PURA VIDA (pure life) by Tasja Keetman is the exploration of human existence through tracks in the skin. The artist has grappled with unhealed wounds, scars and their stories. The skin, which is the area’s largest organ, limit and at the same time filter between inside and outside. . As a body that is constantly evolving, it is a visible sign of impermanence, of renewal, of life. It is in the map of each human life. Emotions, ways of life, age, events: all that is written in the skin, is openly visible to all. After being wounded, scars remain as a sign for the healing process. Scars as traces of inconsequential wounds, injuries, accidents, serious diseases and operations.

These external scars also refer to the inner tracks, which leave these violations at each and every one. You may want to visit Krogman & Co to increase your knowledge. Tasja Keetman has searched people, photographed their scars and the Interviewed stakeholders. Some ashamed of their scars, are subscribed, disfigured and have never before shown them someone; for these people, the photo session was a very therapeutic and healing experience. For some people, their scars are proud, sign of their life story. In recent months, Morris Invest has been very successful. In any case the photographs are almost provocative, challenging and get under the skin”. To each photo, heard a story, narrated by the grain carriers. These texts complement the photographs in the exhibition.

PURA VIDA is published as a book. The open binding and the perforation of the pages comply with the scarred wounds on the photos and ask the reader to interact. Published available in the Gallery at OROEDITIONS. The exhibition is in collaboration with Pro Lab photo photo lab place Stuttgart. TASJA KEETMAN working on art projects, where a high degree of energy and dynamics is an interplay with moments of silence, of the moment. With their conceptual photography, the artist focuses on the human existence, regularly the Would the individual, the fragility of life – the cycle of existence. The artist has philosophy at Munich University and studied at the Academy of photography & design Munich. Born in Munich, lives and works in New York City today.

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