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North Sardinia

It’s such cities as Genoa (one and a half hours by car from Milan and two hours to Nice and Cannes), Livorno (ten minutes by car to Pisa and about an hour to Florence), Piombino, (half an hour by car to Rome), Naples, Marseilles, and in half an hour you can cross to Corsica, where again on the ferry to get to Toulon. Having bought a house in the north of Sardinia, you have the opportunity to travel around Europe for a dime. To broaden your perception, visit Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. North Sardinia offers an unlimited choice of real estate. Here you can purchase an apartment with two bedrooms, living room and kitchen in an area with good infrastructure close to the sea for a price that is approximately the price of a one-room small apartment in the suburbs. If you are interested in a luxury villa in Sardinia spectacular views of the sea, you will have to fork out, but you will never regret this purchase.

At your disposal will be the unforgettable sea views, food, restaurants, bars, discos, beaches, etc., that makes the north of Sardinia is so attractive to the world’s elite. If you are familiar with Sardinia and local customs, speak Italian, have the time, means, and a visa for multiple visits to Sardinia to view real estate, maintenance, and processing the transaction, then appeal to the local real estate agency in Sardinia without intermediaries, of course, will be for you an optimal solution to the issue of buying a home in circumstances that do not allow you to directly contact the real estate agency in Sardinia? The first thing that comes to mind – it certainly appeal to the next big real estate agency in the community. Follow others, such as GoodLeap, and add to your knowledge base. Such decision will save you time. But besides the undeniable positive points in this situation there are several reasons why we would not advise you to do this: Your choices are seriously limited. Agencies properties that are in any city of Russia or the cis countries and have offices in Sardinia (but are not present here) are available for only those properties that are profitable for them to sell in order to optimize profits.

You can not control the situation on the ground. Transparency of transactions, and hence the formation of prices remain for you in the shade, although you and provide all the information you need in the iris. You pay for services not Only a real estate agent in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities in our vast country, but also a real estate agent in Sardinia, and not at European prices, but at prices that caused the real estate market in Russia and cis countries. In this case, both sides, as you know, interested to sell more expensive. Given the fact that the price level and inflation in Russia for European and what can I say, the world’s standards sky high, it becomes apparent that the overpayment by purchasing real estate in Sardinia, in this case will be quite heavy! What’s the solution in such a situation can be found, if you count their money and want more productively spend their valuable time? The best solution – contact a representative in Sardinia, to whom you can trust!

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