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As a result, you can not sell the apartment for as long as utryasesh all legal formalities. To register a contract of sale flats, the following documents: Statement Seller of state registration and transfer of the contract, completed in the presence of a specialist department receiving the documents, the buyer's state registration of rights, is filled in the presence of specialist for receiving documents; payment document confirming the state duty for state registration, identity document of applicant; title documents confirming ownership of real property, certificate of state registration if the ownership is registered in the Unified State Register, the Treaty – with all the changes, and applications (at least two original copies, if prepared in writing), the real estate plan with its technical description, certified by the organization (authority) to include immovable property, unless previously has not been granted the registration service and has not been placed in the appropriate case of legal documents; Help housing department of Citizens for registration in the living room, Take-over, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, and in some cases require additional documentation, such as if the apartment owner is a minor or incompetent citizen. Here is a list Additional documents: Notarized consent of spouse (wife) on disposal (purchase) of real estate; Resolution guardianship authority if the contract is subject to real property owned by minors, incapable or incompetent persons; Resolution guardianship authority if the contract is subject to a dwelling in which live under the guardianship of the owner family dwelling or without parental care minor members of the owner's family, written parental consent adoptive parents, guardians, if the seller (owner), the buyer is a minor (14 to 18 years), written consent of the trustee, if the seller (owner) or the buyer is a person limited in capability, with alienation of the property passed into a donation, and (or) of the estate in respect of which a certificate of inheritance issued before January 1, 2006 – Help from the tax authority to pay tax on the property; written consent of the pledgee by the pledgor on the sale of the mortgaged real property that has been formulated by a notary or a reg. Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty is a great source of information. .

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