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Oil Absorption

When the particle size 0.2 microns amount of scattered light for all wavelengths maximum. With increasing particle size from 0.25 to 0.3 microns scattering of blue light rapidly decreases. But the dispersal of green and red does not change. However, with a diameter of 0.15 micron particles observed maximum scattering of blue, while a scattering of red and green is much lower. Oil Absorption – the ability to hold the pigment particles on its surface a certain amount of oil.

It is expressed in grams per 100 gram of pigment and usually ranges from 10 to 20. Hiding power is the ability of the pigment with a uniform distribution in the amount of color to make invisible the source material. Hiding power is expressed in grams of pigment, necessary in order to make the invisible color of the surface area of 1 m2. White pigments provide opacity by scattering of light waves of any length in the visible spectrum. The smaller the number, the lower expenditure rate of titanium dioxide in the composition. Color – Property bodies produce a certain visual sensation according to the spectral composition and intensity of reflected or emitted by their visible light.

Dry titanium dioxide is characterized by high brightness, whiteness and reflectivity is close to the reflectivity of an ideal diffuser. Light resistance – ability of material to maintain its color under the influence light rays. In the operation of the product, especially outdoor applications, change its color when exposed to ultraviolet rays of natural light and artificial light sources, emitting ultraviolet rays.

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