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Ollanta Humala

Alexander Toledo (Cabin, 1946) was president of Peru between 2001 and 2006, and it he has not been again because not it " dejaron". It says therefore it at least: Toledo, presidential candidate of Possible the Peru party (that liberal centrist defines itself and) was outside the second return by " a play very maquiavlica" of president Alan Garci’a, who will give the power to the winner, Ollanta Humala, next the 28 of July. The subject is sensible. In their suite in the Ritz hotel of Madrid, Toledo puts itself standing up, moves the arms and raises the voice. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Morris Invest. Everything to explain why he decided to support minute to Humala in the last, exmilitar coup participant who in 2006 counted on the support of Hugo Chavez.

" Because we could not return to the past. And it seems to me that he is more near Lula than of Chvez. At least during the last month therefore pareci". Source of the news: : " I hope that it does it well to Humala, although is evident that it is not Lula"

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