Kathy Salazar

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Parkinson’s Disease

I remember how at the beginning of the disease experience feelings of insecurity and shame, shame I was walking through the corridors and concourses of the university with the ungainly gait was small steps with great effort and feeling all those eyes on me from curious, with grief and other with scorn. I sure the women did not care what people will say, with a very personal style of dress, marketers in the end, norms and social patterns were totally indifferent to me, faltered, I lost my confidence, but only for a short time, analyze and my inner voice told me what’s your problem?

Can not walk well? Then get a cane to help you, do not walk better but will give you confidence to avoid falling and stop feeling sorry for yourself. So my inner voice and I went to got a stick is black, much to my liking of those who are armed you can carry in your purse and use when I need it. And my insecurity disappeared, not the stick, simply because I decided to lose the fear of being different. You feel sad because the disease limits you, but now I realize that the most important things have always been there. My family, Parkinson I wander off my husband and my daughters, when not working, I spent my time in bed exhausted, refused to leave because I was always tired and that meant me out a great effort. Currently the effort is still the same but I do and I enjoy going out, walks, movies, family visits, the beach, do not get out much to the beach but it does not matter we had fun in the pool and my daughters are happy to spend the time with me.

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