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Pixx DesignSuite

The diversity of the material stretches from cheap plastic covers to luxurious leather covers. Hardcover versions will be available in the near future. It offered the clients a perfect service “can has developed a simple and intuitive photo book design software, PROMAXX Clixx’Pixx DesignSuite”. They includes not only a large number of design options, but provides also an ordering wizard. Orders are encrypted then to the photo shop, either via CD, USB flash drive or the Internet. The software supports the calendar formats 10 x 15, 20 x 30 and A3 formats in addition to the StudioAlbum. Seven different design templates in designing a photo calendar making black and white child’s play. PROMAXX matching offers an innovative idea to sell calendars: the Clixx’Pixx ClearBox.

The finished calendar pages are simply a special transparent plastic box inserted. Availabe in the three above formats are either available as desk calendars to set up or as a wall calendar. The company has unveiled the system at this year’s Photokina for the first time and is pleasantly surprised after claims by the success the Clixx’Pixx StudioAlben. On the basis of the Demand will be new book formats and materials available at the turn of the year. PROMAXX will be represented with the products from the Clixx’ line on the next relevant photo measuring Pixx. All information and prices of covers and equipment are available online on the website. Learn more about the Clixx’Pixx StudioAlben: Promaxx innovative PC print media Ltd Main Street 1e 85386 Daniel home Daniel Seidl marketing & IT management phone: + 49 89 3075 8694 fax: + 49 89 9595 9712 PROMAXX and Clixx Pixx are trademarks or registered trademarks of Promaxx innovative PC print media GmbH.

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