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Planet Fitness

Such houses are not put up for sale – flats in them buying only on recommendation. 'In Moscow, now this is the bet. Creating an artificial buzz around those houses. Technology is as follows: start leaking information about the construction, it is claimed that this house is not open sales. People are starting to look for a way for the sellers – on the principle of 'forbidden fruit is sweet', – says Nikolay Lavrov. In fact, the apartments in such homes are sold not by recommendation, as stated, but simply a very strict "face control". In St. Petersburg, such option homes – 1-2.

And then their club can be called a stretch to argue. But perhaps this fashion gradually come to us. Refusing to create internal infrastructure in the elite house or cottage – one of the latest market trends. A few years ago it was thought that the more any services provided in the home (fitness room, laundry, hairdresser, etc.), the luxury property. Today it is clear that such extensive infrastructure for a single house is not needed and too expensive to keep. In doing so, the tenants it is practically not in use. Such gyms Today felt in the professional management of sports clubs, followed by involvement of the visitors. An example is the house on the Robespierre the club "Planet Fitness". In the new luxury homes sports clubs are provided only if the environment is not the appropriate level of sports complexes. Therefore, initially designing a separate entrance.

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