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Postpartum Care

Being a high-risk pregnancy, pregnancy resolution is performed on a scheduled basis between weeks 38-39, after assessment of fetal pulmonary status by removing the mother's amniotic fluid (amniocentesis). In cases detected by this study, fetal lung immaturity are given to the mother medications aimed at accelerating this process (dexamethasone) prior to scheduling the abortion. The decision to terminate the pregnancy by cesarean delivery or are based purely on obstetric and bears no relationship with blood glucose levels but is in relation to the presence of foetopathy, especially where the cesarean macrosmia finds its best indication. Postpartum Care: Every time we find more evidence that GDM occurs in people with a higher predisposition for type 2 diabetes and today it is thought that gestational diabetes is a disease state before continuing. In follow-up studies of these patients are reported after pregnancy conversions 2 diabetes in 10 years over 90% of cases. Although many patients immediately after birth the blood glucose levels are normalized, they must all be subject to reclassification study is to achieve again a curve, oral glucose tolerance at 6 weeks after delivery or CESAER .

In our hospital we found that only 50% of patients attending the postpartum reclassification study and in these patients the results showed that approximately 60% of them were with some alteration in the metabolism of carbohydrates, be it pre or frank diabetes mellitus 2 diabetes. Conclusion: Gestational Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most common diseases that complicate pregnancy. This pathology starts in the last months of pregnancy and that during this short period of time can cause serious morbidity to the baby's birth and even endangering the life of the product. It is also a condition that does not cause maternal symptoms so that any pregnant patient has risk factors for disease must be intentionally subjected to specialized studies for early detection and appropriate treatment is also a state prior to the development of type 2 diabetes permanently, so that all people have experienced the need for monitoring and post-pregnancy care designed to delay its onset. Drafted: Dr.

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