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The Aappaluttoq Ruby project in Greenland. In our last article, we reported about the Ruby deposits in Mozambique, where the production towards the end of the year could begin after the last press release. Today we introduce another Ruby project, which is also just before start of production. It is the Aappaluttoq Ruby project in Greenland. Operator is the Canadian company true North gems Inc., based in Vancouver. The deposits are located in the village of Qeqertarsuatsiaat (Danish Qeqertarsuatsiaat) on the southwest coast of Greenland, about 160 km south of the capital Nuuk and stretches 823 km 2. Greenland weather allows no year-round.

True North is active every summer since 2004 and has found more than thirty Ruby deposits. In previous trial trenching over 8kg of Pink Sapphire and Ruby were reduced raw material. Although most of the material is relatively small 90% of the raw stones are smaller than a quarter wakes the quality inch (6. 3 mm) – but certainly hope. The largest so far faceted Ruby weighed 0, 69cts and estimated at a wholesale price of USD 2.100,00. True North attaches great importance to the fact that the Greenland rubies conflict-free and environmentally friendly are mined.

An environmental impact study has been translated in the Greenlandic and Danish, a study on the social impact the translation at the moment. Company President Nicholas Houghton described this as “another milestone for the Aappaluttoq Ruby project and said that True North is now located on the last few steps to the start of production.” All photos are from the Web page and are with kind permission by Mr. Ward published Konda, corporate communications manager of true North gems Inc.. Thomas Pfneisl Vienna gem Center

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