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Documents necessary for privatization: Passport data of all registered citizens in the privatized areas, including children from 14 let.Kopii identification officer, or a certificate of recruiting office, containing details of the document (for existing officers and reserve officers). Copies of birth certificates of minors registered in the privatized areas (ie under 18). Learn more at this site: Dell Client Solutions. Copies death certificates of people who were registered at the privatized ploschadi.Kopii documents confirming change of name, surname, otchestva.Kopii documents confirming participation in the privatization, if someone from the family members was used right to the property (the contract transfer, certificate of ownership to housing or certificate of registration rights or subsequent sale contract in which there is a link to privatization documents.) In the event of a change of residence during the period from 09.1991 till now, you must provide an excerpt from the book house with all the places not to participate in prozhivaniya.Spravku privatization (for citizens arrived in Volgograd from other regions of Russia): – from the BTI, if they were registered as resident in the region of the Russian Federation from 06.1991 till 12.1997, the – of the Federal Registration Service (formerly the Department of Justice), regional location residence with a 01.1998, on the date of departure in the event of arrival Volgograd.V in Volgograd from another state, a document certifying permanent registration at the previous place of residence, with an address and dates of residence before arriving in Volgograd. The document must contain: "Retired for permanent residence in the Russian Federation, Volgograd." To this document must be accompanied by a translation certified notarialno.Originaly documents to the apartment, which kept on hand (order, exchange order, a contract social renting, an extract from the order.) Originals of BTI – explication, floor of the house register plan.Vypiski privatized dwelling. Notarized rejection of the adult household member (in case of refusal to participate in privatization). Waiver must be made in favor of all those involved in the privatization of the residential redevelopment pomescheniya.Svidetelstvo of institutionalized if was redevelopment. Other documents as may be necessary in case of need. These include information about change of names of streets (passport office, or ICE), the additional information to the order, etc.. .

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