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Problems With Ventilation In The Moscow Apartment

When running ventilation in the apartment quickly disappear smells from the kitchen and bathroom, not increased humidity in the bathroom. Ideally. But in today's repairs, unfortunately, more often there are situations where owners of apartments absolutely illegally demolishing a duct with a view to increasing the space. Gain of 1-2 square meters (depending on the plan) may lead to weight problems. Check whether you have no ventilation or very easy – just attach to the grate on the vent duct tracing paper or a leaf of any thin paper.

When running a piece of ventilation prisoset to the hole so that it will hold without your help. If this is not happens, prepare for problems with moldy walls behind furniture (because of high humidity) and the long fading smell in the apartment. However, the way out there! At one time I personally encountered this problem – and, As it turned out both a duct was torn down in several apartments above us. Suffice it to know in what the authorities can handle – good in Moscow today for all the work you do public service. The only drawback – very lengthy process, prepare more than one month to live without ventilation.

Fri, March 27 2015 » News