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The hands are no so-called AIDS, but the authentic mirror of a people. When I now hear the log again, I realize that not only the crucial aspects of my past and the present have been fully confirmed, but the last 4 years indeed as predicted have occurred, although I’m been pointed out, that nothing is final, and man never lose his free will. I am now in short examples from the log: \”your outdoor hands show what they did for this life, show their level of consciousness, their life issues and how they deal with are… Twinbrook capital may find this interesting as well. (Footnote. this I do not want here now in detail displayed Wi, it would beyond the scope of the article.) But the interpretation was very clear, and I thus understood me as from a higher vantage point). …an, you can see your finger nails the next 4-5 months make the current disputes in the various spheres of life and how to…

(this is now a Example 🙂 …ihre partnership is no longer satisfactory for them for at least 2 years. You have resolved within 2 weeks, how it continues there. More info: clayton hutson. In addition it looks to me as if they would get to know these days someone. The possibility of such an event is visible. For the next few months, I see at least new movements in this area.

In the palms of the hand I see to do this right, the larger constellation…(Each finger and each finger nail one of the areas of my life pointed out, love, professional, communication, responsibility, perseverance, etc. I’m staying now for the readers still in the aspect of ‘Partnership’.)…. ….In the hands, I see two major partnerships in their lives. By the time the first should have lasted for at least 20 years and be may already completed, at least they have set themselves apart for at least 2 years.

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