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We see a similar approach with a central body and two long wings (type U), are already here even small pavilions of the wings as if to shorten the long journey of these wings and even as points reference these flags in the Station of Valencia, are on the right wing and correspond to the courier and postal services. North Station already has a more highly evolved type than we’ve seen so far in Valencia. It has totally differentiated passenger service on arrival and departure, destination on the right to these first and the central body to seconds, with its various branches. The left wing much more traumatized by the urbanism of the city and the site of the company itself is entirely linear and for the internal service station, including the magnificent lounge first class. The main facade or central body is composed of a central pavilion and two sides of greater height (containing three plants). Actually this is a fairly traditional pattern within the architecture of the stations. Body of 69 meters long and 19 meters high, ie it prevails above all the horizontal, “The decoration of the building height increases as well as the number of holes, so that the ground floor is the most sober. Proper Ribes architectural work is the counterbalance the excessive horizontally of the buildings, and in this case is achieved, first with the decoration, and secondly, through stress and highlight structural elements, pilasters, key and imposts of the arches, including the creation of a vertical rhythm that stands on the ledge of any building, giving the appearance of a series battlements.

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