Kathy Salazar

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Happens all day in the kitchen mantequeando and cleaning up, trying to be attentive and polite to not appear as bad hostess, while strikes one with the look and swears him this time if it will be the last, to restart the routine in the next weekend. The day of departure, guests as magically vanish immediately after lunch; nobody asks if there is quota to put, if you have to clean the House or spa, if you have to load bags of garbage for collection, if there are clean bathrooms. Mysteriously few beers and sodas from the fridge, disappear if it gives us thirst on the way; purchased by the owner, still full brandy carafe halfway, ends in carriage of the cousin of the wife of the mocho invited by a brother-in-law that week or greets us, to make us start on the road. Leftover packages of appetizers and snacks that we brought in our own market, end up in the car of the wife of cousin, if the girl from da fatigue in the stomach during the trip. And do not look the inventory of compact discs to no you more bitterness. And lend me a jacket for my girlfriend who is–, which did not see ever again. And it is very clear that nobody is completely happy.

That very tasteless beans, very small pool, that very narrow bathrooms, missing him painting in front of the House, that very neglected Garden, which soon ended the rum, which by stingy not to put television cable in all the rooms, if you gave account that had not even anti-sunburn in the bathroom for visitsthat the poor owner has never had good taste for pictures that puts on the wall. And meanwhile one is you have to pay the salary and parafiscal Butler, accounts of public services, administration, taxes, profits of the value of the property, pool maintenance. No one sympathizes with one.

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