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The Urdangarin case continues generating controversial. between 2003 and final of 2004 Iaki Urdangarin deMallorca used 1.03 million Euros removed from the foundation without profit spirit Nos institute to acquire five floors in Palm. In addition, in that period of time, in 18 months, it hardly is when the palm Dukes bought the small palace of Pedralbes, in the noble zone of Barcelona, by 8 million Euros. altogether, urdangarin invested in that time 9.1 million brick Euros, property and mortgages. The small palace of Pedralbes counts on 1,063 m2 and one property in 2,155 Majorca of m2.

and as far as the floors that they bought in Palma de Mallorca, there are two 68 floors of m2 located to 50 marine ms of the palmesano stroll that cost each between 206,000 and 213,000 Euros. the other three floors are in a new building and Always cost 618,460 Euros I buy eggs of it property in Majorca of Are Boira. They are more expensive than eggs than are not ecological but it is worth the pain to me. 2,55 Euros cost. There are four or five situated ones in Palm where it is possible to be found these eggs. The property of Is Boira is in Llub, a town 42,9 kilometers, or 26,6 miles, of Palm. For the ecological food and swelling near my house it is best the possible one.

To buy food that becomes near your house reduces the carbon track because it does not spend much energy to transport eggs.mallorcarealtors.com/es the hens in Are Boira enjoy an artificial life without chemical substances, cages, medicines, and lights. An ecological diet and hen houses are enjoyed by all means covered. These eggs have the certification of CBPAE, or the Balearic Council of the Ecological Agrarian Production. This organization is " the unique authority of ecological agro-alimentary product control existing in the territory of the Independent Community of the Illes Balears, and like associated and dispersed organ of the Council of Agricultura and Pesca".

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