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Protecting Homes

Almost all citizens have a cottage or country houses in the villages, and almost all will sooner or later face the theft carried out in their absence. We will share our experiences, how to prevent such a crime. The most effective way statistics is the existence of a security company, but this may be too expensive for gardening association. In this case, you must exhibit at least two posts, but it is 90.000 rubles. You can save money and hire guards, it will cost you approximately 60.000 rubles for two, but there is neither any control nor any responsibility. Remember, the most common violation of "free" the guards – is drinking alcohol. Who would you hire, watchmen or PPCs require to have a dog that would recognize the smell. The dog next to a guard when crawling is not replaceable assistant, she hears and sees the best it can be used when apprehending criminals without risking their lives guardian. According to statistics, 8 out of 10 detainees holiday thieves during a search found a knife in his pocket. Take it with you not to kill, and as an assistant in case of burglary, but the situation apprehend the thief knife often comes into play. Also on sale are carpets chemical treatment is not harmful to health, at the entrance to the house of the thief comes to him, after, leaving the cottage, leaving behind a trail that even professionally trained dogs do not find easily. Necessarily install additional alarms (not expensive) motion sensors are very effective, they turn on the siren and the protection is in place in a moment, but if your village is not protection, try using an electrician, Connect the audio siren, so that when circumcision occurs, it does not turn off (it can).

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