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Consider if you get into work to paint the whole house (it is not expensive and gives a neat and clean house.) 6. Prepare your home to teach. A home enters through the eyes. If you would my family to see her children, wife … in some way will be living in it … Make a thorough cleaning, paint some things visible, pull or push junk that only you rate …

These elements are important: attractive facade, new paint inside (and, if possible, abroad), fixed cabinets, windows and appliances clean and tidy environment is essential. Place plants and flowers … watch something your garden (if the house it has one). Some studies show that buyers assess the same house in a very different if we introduce some cheap decorative elements (the most influential is the plant). Kitchens and bathrooms are two very sensitive areas. Take care of everything you can to show them when.

Always keep the house clean and tidy when they go to visit. Take care of the details. When teaching it: open the windows between daylight and illuminate it with all your home if artificial lights at night. Check any source of noise (radios, music, television, children …). Do not open any pet that may disturb the visit (eg dog) Leave spaces. Start by cleaning presumably will when you leave. Tire knick-knacks, boxes, junk … Let the attics, basements, storage rooms as empty as possible. 7. Indulge the psychology of the buyer. Follow some rules that will appeal to potential buyers … If you put your house for sale with a good real estate agency, says it may seek to not be present if they are to teach some potential home buyers. The reason is that owners sometimes anxious-no buyers feel comfortable inspecting a home, if they feel they are invading intimacy. Evaluate leave your home and leave it in the hands of the agent or third person who is going to teach. Do not stick to the timetable in relation to teach it. Think that perhaps the best buyers are very demanding work schedules and can only view homes very early morning (7.30 hours …) or the evening ..) If you are personally in charge prepare for sale any information on the benefits of urbanization or area (communications, businesses, schools, quiet …). Be a good excuse to sell the house. If it is good pass it on. Show yourself proud of your home. If talks with a potential buyer, never apologize for what you believe to be less valuable in your home. 8. Every time you make an offer, do the numbers … And decide.

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