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New energy saving regulation presents social and environmental risks the Federal Cabinet has again changed the energy saving Regulation (EnEV) on February 6th. From 2014, new resolutions rental and real estate prices can increase at huge rates. The amendment but also ecological risks. Just imagine: in times of increasing housing shortage, housing is too expensive and no one notices it! Inconceivable? Not at all: The Federal Cabinet wants with the EnEV of 2014 (www.enev-online.de)? new rules the rules for the primary energy demand. The Bill, to reduce the energy demand of buildings from 2014 2016 again to 12.5 percent and 12.5 percent.

Less heat in terms of the environment? Is a good idea but only if the corresponding concept is environmentally and socially acceptable. Insulation materials are the most harmful to the environment at their manufacture”, so the successful manager of the eco pioneer Baufritz (www.baufritz-qd.de). The scheme as well as extreme criticize social highly critical expert antisocial in particular against the background of lack of housing in urban centres: higher new requirements mean more cost increases for all involved. Also is to assume that too little in the lower price ranges will be built especially in the urban areas,”criticized the Chairman of the Federal Association real estate Germany (BID) (www.bid.info) Walter Rasch the planned revision. Rental of apartments are finding themselves forced to adapt rental analog to higher construction costs. Already now but many young couples and families complain especially in larger cities, there are hardly any affordable housing.

Especially people with middle income as well as pensioners and students suffering from the rise in prices of the rental market. Regulations create domestic farmers’ stones in the way is the planned EnEV complicate but also the construction of a home.

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