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Red Dot Award Product Design

Retap bottle success with the red dot award: product design 2011 Copenhagen. The water bottle of company Retap has clearly convinced: at the red dot design award one of the most prestigious international product competitions, was the marketing and communication tools now by the star-studded jury with the seal of quality red dot honored for high design quality. More than 1,000 guests from the world of design, industry, society and media, on 4 July 2011, celebrate the winners of the red dot design award traditionally at the Essen Opera House, the Aalto theatre. Then the Retap is water bottle in a four-week special exhibition in the red dot design museum presents publicly. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard LeFrak. The straight lines, as well as the pure design make the Retap bottle an aesthetic event. From the outset, form and function of the bottle in the center of the design process were based on the minimalist character of Scandinavian design. The bottle has no threads or edges. The large opening provides an ideal drinking experience.

The simplicity of the bottle a customization by the printing of logos and/or slogans of the company makes it easy. Thanks to the special lid, available in the corporate color, the bottle is sealed tightly. Our panel of judges has taken as always very critical the submitted products under the magnifying glass. Design quality has become clear in the adjudication process and real, new creative solutions were also rewarded. Both criteria are not only yardstick for good design, but also for the potential for success on the market.

This is through the targeted use of our prestigious award several-fold increased”, said Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator of the red dot design award. This year, designers and companies from 60 countries with 4,433 products took the red dot award: product design part. The winning products in the red dot design museum the Retap water bottle can be experienced live: the marketing and communication by the 5th of July until 1 August 2011 in the exhibition design on stage winners will be shared with the other award-winning products red dot award: product design 2011 “in the red dot design museum on the world cultural heritage Zollverein in Essen presented Bill. The red dot design museum houses the largest permanent exhibition of contemporary design with more than 1,500 products on an area of over 4,000 square meters. The red dot design award red dot design award, whose Ursprunge date back to 1955, is the largest and most renowned design competition in the world today. “” “He divided in the three disciplines of red dot award: product design”, red dot award: communication design “and red dot award: design concept”. In the year 2010 alone, he garnered nearly 14,000 entries from 68 countries. For more information, visit press. Press contact: Isabella Maria Wohlwend Lerso Parkall 107 2100 Copenhagen o. Tel. 0045 535 605 49

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