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Foods that are digested daily must pass through many processes before reaching the dishes, such as is the case with one of the things that more consumed they are meat, where one of the starting points that such foods are located is in refrigerators or also known as refrigerating chambers where many types of meats spend a good time in these places to then be sold and placed on the market.

Refrigerators are large rooms that possess certain qualities in terms of the maintenance of a cold temperature, as indicated by its name; but in addition to acting as a container and curator of food, refrigerators are also used as the place in which the different livestock animals are sacrificed and swine production which obtained varied meats, so after being slaughtered, in the same refrigerators go through different processing and selection processes of the parties.

Once completed the despostado different parts obtained from meat, point which is stored for a certain time very important the average temperature that handle refrigerators since that time that marketed various kinds of meat that are in the fridge is uncertain, so the cold itself of these places allow meat keep in good conditions for human consumption until the moment in which they are sold. Refrigerators can be both State-owned and private agents, but whatever the position of the agent, you must meet certain conditions, since the activity carried in fridges has several consequences in society why the action performed on refrigerators deserves spatial attention, thus the operation of refrigerators depends on factors such as health publishes, access to the product of work, social and even religious precepts. According to the previous conditions are plotted action models in refrigerators in terms of localization, operation processes for slaughter and the despostado.

Attending certain social tendencies created different measures in search of protect the rights of animals, which eliminated certain practices to avoid suffering to them. Other measures that had been imposed on refrigerators is the proper treatment of waste to prevent public health problems caused by pollution, implementing process of planning and adequate equipment.

The presence of refrigerators meant a great step forward in terms of the processes of obtaining meat leaving behind primitive slaughterhouses, imposing cooling through ammonia processes, in such a way that undoubtedly reduced the various problems they were generated in slaughterhouses as unsanitary conditions and certain diseases by the presence of microorganisms which were generated by exposing the activity to outdoors. For the correct operation of fridges should make use of large amounts of hot water in order to clean and sterilize meat, instruments and the same place; refrigerators that work on the basis of refrigeration by ammonia addition consume large amounts of electrical energy that is transformed by a generator own primary.

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