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Repair Of Interior Walls

If you want to be a handyman and avoid financial surprises at the time for reform at home a good choice would be that you yourself could to carry them out. This means saving money and not have to resort to specialized firms or what is now fashionable to hire a husband for hours. Taking into account differences in climate and construction techniques in the Spanish territory that I intend to provide advice apply to the Community of the Canary Islands in particular to the island of Tenerife. For painting the interior walls are needed before a series of repairs and improvements on them. A leading source for info: Bruce Schanzer. A good handyman should begin any home repair or renovation to protect and isolate other parts of the house that may be affected by dirt or spilled and prevent unforeseen damage. It is convenient to start by covering the floors, furniture etc. with plastic, cardboard, cloth. The next step is to review the state of the walls to remove loose paint with a spatula, remove the loose plaster cracks and fissures etc.

A handyman should be a good sighted, therefore, we must seize the opportunity to review the electrical system and make modifications if necessary, for example, if you add or move a point of light or plug. For this we need to open a chase (a slot) on the wall using a chisel and hammer. We put the sheath and if necessary the case. To repair slashing fill it with plaster. My advice is to use the slow setting plaster that gives us more time outside of work before it hardens. The repair of cracks and fissures are as follows: first the clean and open slightly to fill them (about 3-4cm on both sides), if the crack is very deep, that is, if we introduce fingers should be filled at the level of the blocks with mortar in the ratio 1:3, prepared as follows: 1.In a bucket mix 1 part cement and 3 parts fine sand. 2.Then mixing water until a plastic consistency, a simple way to know the appropriate point is that the mixture should not drip from the spoon. After cracks anti put the tape, a kind of band, which is supplied at hardware or DIY sites.

These tapes are usually self-adhesive, adhere well to any surface. The cover with plaster and smoothed with a flat stainless steel. If you want to show off as an experienced hands, can improve the appearance of smoothing the walls with a ready-made products that come from the factory. Finally, walls and thus we ready for painting. Good job. Use a good.

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