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New green white collection available now at selected locations available Bremen, 4 December 2012. Leon and Timon fight to the end. Only the penalty shootout. Enough hits and the eleven – and twelve-year old guys holding the cards for Werder against Bavaria. Did they make it? Over 100 children and adolescents today eagerly pursued the story of the boy in the waterfront. Together with Marco Bode, WERDER moved Ambassador and member of the Board of the SV Werder Bremen, and player Lukas Schmitz were Leon and Timon the book shall be 12 friends.

Stories by fans for fans”before. The anthology is a joint project of WERDER moves for life, the CSR brand of the SV Werder Bremen, and the BremerLeseLust. 37 Stories by Werder officials, students and professionals are included. The book is available immediately for 9.90 euros in the Werder-fan shop, Weser-Kurier-shop, the branches of the Bremer Touristik-Zentrale and the Stadtmusikantenhaus of the BremerLeseLust in the courtyard of the Lloyd. WERDER moved and the Association for the promotion of reading want the book reading and writing skills of students to promote. Pleasure in reading and writing have children and young people, when they are to the heart of this. “SV Werder Bremen manages to wake up this enthusiasm”, explained Ulrike Hovelmann by the BremerLeseLust. The spokeswoman of the Association for the promotion of reading had the idea for the project. The clubs of the Carl Schunemann Publishing House, the oVB and Zebra four, the children’s programme of Bremen four got support. “Klaus-Dieter Fischer, CEO and President of the SV Werder Bremen praised the cooperation in advance: such partnerships are a basic idea of our CSR commitment: Bremen companies, associations and institutions bring together their ideas and networks, to achieve positive in the region.” With the audience at the waterfront, the stories in the new book of Werder arrived well.

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