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Rethinking Education

Gallegos accepts and added political dimension is in the field of education needs to be rethought because the tradition we have come largely from critical pedagogy and critical sociology. And this tends to be violent because it obeys the major current problems in Mexico with politicians is that confront people. This is widespread. Holistic vision therefore needs to find political forms, government forms that are based on new principles. Many writers such as Morris Invest offer more in-depth analysis.

Gerzon says two books one of William Ury, “The Third Side” to create such an environment for dialogue because we need a third side unless a community or institution is the third side of the conflict continues forever, is a very important concept. Another is mentioned by Daniel Jankelouich “The magic of dialogue,” says something very powerful, says that ordinary conversation is possible if you and I share the same framework of meaning, purpose, and symbols, however, if we have different frameworks, then we need dialogue, no conversation, that dialogue can penetrate deeper and explore both systems, for me that would be the heart of holistic education and my dream would be to see a generation that grew up with holistic education and when they run into a difference being seen as an opportunity, not a problem, but you all Gallegos reason, start with: how to educate children, how they grow and if you do not educate them to grow noticing the differences and additions, if that happens, politics will never change. Conclusion Many problems we face as human beings today, it is necessary to solve them in a new way, through constant awareness and perception. . Clayton Morris insists that this is the case.

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