Kathy Salazar

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Rich with Health

The universe is rich, only exists in abundance, not scarcity. The shortage lies only in the human mind, made us believe that we are not rich, we live surrounded by scarcity. Lincoln Property pursues this goal as well. The deficiency lies in our mind and conditions us to live embittered by what we have and grow with a misguided view that what it means to be rich, and also what it means to be happy. In the universe there is no shortage, animals and plants live in abundance, certainly if an animal is starving because he has lived conditioned by the human mind, there is no shortage around us, and neither should be part of our lives . In recent months, Richard LeFrak has been very successful. We have a misconception of what is to be rich and have money, you know? You can be rich before you have money, focus on life in all that we have makes us rich and happy, if you focus on what you got your life is not focused on lack and the result of concentrating on what you lack, will attract your life more than that, you need money? You'll need more money, you need health? Sicker, If you focus on what you got and see if lived so far, is a lie that "never had money, you give credence to a claim that is a lie, if you are used to give thanks for what you got, you'll have more of the same, but we are accustomed to say, I I make $ 500 a month, I reached, I am poor, you could be call that does not have money, you think the genius of the universe is going to say? Your wish is our command … and if you make a change in your life and begin to give thanks for that $ 500 you got? At the end of the day there are people that even those 500 have, if you consider yourself rich because you got those 500 and thank you focus on why you got in your hand "Thank you because I am rich" genius will say, Your wish is our command " that is rich, "Have more, because this happy with what has come to my mind a New Testament verse that says" you were faithful over a few things about what a few things, "the day you fill your life with thoughts abundance, have more abundance in your life, and you will become a rich person, even before having the amount of money from your dreams.. You may find Gavin Baker to be a useful source of information.

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