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After his ordination unit starts production modules. In parallel, developed other engineering sections of the draft. And by the time of delivery to installation site finished, ready to block, delivered all the necessary engineering. Part of the utilities can be installed in the production – lighting, outlets, heaters, santeh equipment. In this case, the process Installation takes less time. So in terms of speed building block modular buildings really have much to gain compared with capital projects. Myth 4. Block-modular buildings do not require serious foundation. Everything depends on the geological characteristics of soil type selected and number of storeys of the building, and the period of intended use. In the central part of Russia, one-storey building of block-modules can fitted to reconcile the road slabs laid on sand backfilling. For more unstable soils and at higher storeys are required to develop a project of the foundation. The behavior of the foundation (basement) depends on the integrity of the modular design. Myth 5. Block-modules arrive at the construction site at 100% readiness and completion. It is possible, but there are a number of factors affecting the readiness units delivered.

Namely: * type building under construction (dining room or the laboratory has sophisticated engineering services, which require integrity, and are mounted directly inside the premises already assembled) * distance transport – during transported over long distances as inappropriate complement the block – they can rob the road or damage while driving; Myth 6. Block-modular buildings can be reused relocated. Again, it all depends on the category of unit module and the type of building. According to state standards, block-modules have a lifespan of 18 years and have moved 3 times the relocation. Block-modules of the third category will carry more, when than the loss during disassembly and assembly of materials will be minimal, all internal and external additional elements reusable). Second – I think not more than two. Loss during removal and installation can take up to 30%. This due to the peculiarity of the execution structure, roof Additionally gathered and decorative elements. Building cabins as – can survive and more, but only if they are used not as a single building, but as a stand-alone, independent unity, ie not collected in a single set – the building. Myth 7. The design of block-modules carefully designed and most reliable. This is not true. Very few of the manufacturers have their own design departments, which actually performed the calculations of structures and received certificates by testing and sampling. Preferential same number of producers (mainly the first category) is not expected to load and have a fake certificates. The works “by eye” and on a whim. If you need reliability, design and fire safety – should not be guided only by the value suggestions Myth 8. In Russia there are hundreds of manufacturers block-modules. They are really a lot, but 90% of them have little organized (technical and professional base), low performance (up to 10 units per month) production. I ask you, gentlemen, choose carefully, reading all the expense thus achieving low price.

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