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Let's talk about the third mode. One moment, why it suddenly occurs to me talk about the third way, skipping the second? Look, is that changing planes at Miami airport well as in other American cities, makes getting a U.S. visa. UU. Okay then, How much does a round trip ticket? The first is that its price is not fixed and varies throughout the year, which is higher in high season and less in low season. Here is a calculation of the value of flight from Moscow to Managua, to be held on January 20 next year.

Moscow-Madrid: Departure at 7:25, arrival at 10:35 Madrid-San Jose Departure at 12:05, arrival at 16:15 San Jose-Managua Departure at 18:30, arrival at 19: 30 Veniendo back on February 20, Managua, San Jose out at 8:41, arrived at 9:36 San Jose-Madrid Departure at 17:55, arrival at 11:10 Madrid-Moscow Departure at 23: 45, arrived at 6:35 am The total value is 71-odd thousand, include airfare, taxes (except those charged in certain airports at the time of billing). What are the advantages and disadvantages? The advantages: "It is offered by the relatively low price, because the third mode would be about 100 thousand. -Do not need transit visas, nor that of Costa Rica, nor that of Spain, unlike the second route, which makes the traveler obtain a visa for the U.S.. UU. to stay a few hours of transit at the airport in Miami.

-The waiting time in transit zones does not exceed 12 hours Disadvantages:-a Russian passenger undertake a trip to Nicaragua in this way, and veniendo back, must remain "locked" in the Barajas airport transit zone, ie in the terminal S4 for a period of up to 12 hours, but you have a Schengen visa, you can spend the immigration control at the airport Barajas and go to Spain. The visa process in Spain in Russia would cost around 200 euros, so not worth it to go out to the Schengen area for a period of a few hours. -The plane takes off from Moscow Domodedovo airport at 7:25, that is, very early, due to which a traveler must stay overnight in white, since it is mandatory to arrive at the airport about 3 hours before, that is, at 4 and a half to check luggage, be subjected to customs sight, passing passport control. Since the airport is referred to in the vicinity of Moscow, a taxi takes at least an hour to get to the airport, so travelers must take a taxi at 3 and a half in the morning. Taking into account the fact that you need time to make the purse, he realizes he has to try to sleep last night. Well, not a nightmare. The other thing is that at the time of the Iberia plane flying over the Pyrenees and good weather, wonders can be enjoyed from the windows of aircraft (reservoirs, rivers, lakes with crystal clear waters.) By the way, due to the fact that airports in the United States do not have a transit zone, the U.S. visa must be obtained any person who makes a transfer in this country, although traffic is only a few minutes. As the U.S. visa process is difficult to be Russian, Russian resident should look for other routes that do not require visas. Then, when a dreams of a trip around the world, before that travelers book hotel rooms and airfare, to evaluate the pros and cons of all the routes offered by travel agencies and choose the most favorable. Bon voyage! .

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